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Adolescent Girls and Mental Health Treatment Centers

It may be a sign of the times that an increasing number of adolescent girls require admission into various types of mental health treatment centers, yet this fact is undeniable. Fortunately mental health treatment centers for adolescent girls offer several programs. Some treatment centers specialize in one specific mental health issue. Others offer counseling for several disorders. The centers are highly confidential, compassionate and sensitive to the needs of these young women. Therapists are college or university educated and are typically certified.Typical issues that adolescent girls struggle with include eating disorders, family dysfunction, drug addictions, behavioral problems and anger management, among others. These issues are disturbing yet surprisingly common.There are many reasons why adolescent girls suffer from such serious disorders. Girls with eating disorders may be affected by media portrayals of women with unlikely figures that are thin yet bosomy. Adolescent girls fail to realize that such pictures are usually airbrushed to attain bodily perfection and they may not be aware that many of their role models themselves suffer from serious eating disorders.Girls with anger management issues likely hail from abusive or neglectful households. The same holds true for girls with behavioral problems, drug addictions and low self-esteem. Families experiencing divorce, unemployment, poverty and racism also produce unhappy and dysfunctional adolescent girls.Fortunately mental health treatment centers for adolescent girls are becoming increasingly common and are usually very effective. Their programs directly and openly address these issues, both in group therapy and in individual counseling, particularly for girls with severe problems. Often the girls’ families are invited for a number of therapy sessions, since they too suffer from various dysfunctions that need to be acknowledged and treated.Many mental health treatment centers for adolescent girls are residential. The girls reside within the centers during the week but are often released to their families on weekends. Some mental health treatment centers also offer outpatient programs as an alternative for adolescent girls who are reluctant to live inside treatment centers.All mental health treatment centers have a set of rules the girls must abide by. Most centers only permit a minimum age of 12 or 13 years old. The girls cannot have any legal problems that will restrict their participation in the program. The girls must abide by the center’s rules and they cannot have a history of excessive violence. Most centers rely upon schools, doctor reports and family in order to compile a girl’s psychological assessment before admission into the program is granted. These assessments may include information regarding educational, medical, psychiatric, physical conditions, trauma, sexual behaviors and neurological history.Although it can be difficult for a family to make the decision to enter an adolescent girl into a mental health treatment center ultimately it is a wise route for a trouble child. The acknowledgment that a child is troubled and requires help is a a crucial first step towards her recovery. Many girls and their families experience immediate, positive benefits due to the programs offered in these centers. The programs tend to be highly beneficial to both the child and her family, helping to resolve or at least begin to work through the complex stages of adolescent development and family dysfunction.

How to Choose a Pre-Owned Car With the Aid of an Auto Loan

Used car loans make it easy for folks that don’t have enough money to obtain a new vehicle have a used one at nearly half the orihinal price. Here are some ideas about how would-be car owners could possibly get a second hand vehicle that is in good shape.A common sedan may cost thousands of dollars and there are many people today who cannot afford to obtain a car at a price like this outright. One other choice for those who want their own cars is to apply for an auto loan which will require them to pay the least amount of money possible in return for a car. Individuals that wish to save more make better decisions by applying for used car loans provided by financial service firms online. How can individuals obtain a great vehicle through a used car loan, though?1. People who wish to apply for a used car loan should check the worth of different pre-owned cars online before they go to a dealership. The online world is one of the best routes to check the prices of many products as car loan applicants need not drop by one dealership to another to ask for a second hand car’s price tag. Sites that offer appraisals for used cars list down the suggested retail price of the car, along with its present cost. Auto magazines are also excellent sources of information for pre-owned cars.2. Would-be car owners need to check out the mileage along with the specifications of the vehicle which they plan to borrow money for. The same websites that offer the current cost of a used car in addition publish mileage of the vehicle, as well as its specifications. This will include the exterior and the interior color, body style, stock number, vehicle identification number, engine type, transmission, along with the number of doors that it has.3. When examining for mileage, prospective car owners must avoid cars which have at least 150,000 miles or higher on it. Lower mileage, on the other hand, does not necessarily mean that it is in good shape. The vehicle maybe repaired by the previous owner or the dealer after it was damaged, so check for tell-tale signs of damages.4. Three to five year old cars are the best choice for people who wish to sign up for used car loans. Would-be car owners are encouraged to keep away from anything more than five years.5. Auto loan applicants should go to the dealer to personally check out the condition of the vehicle, as well as the terms of the seller.6. Some of the questions auto loan applicants would like to ask are listed below:How many individuals previously owned the car?
When was it sold to the seller and what was its condition when the dealership bought it?
Did the dealer or the previous owner made any serious repair on the vehicle? What is the condition of the engine?
Are there damages the buyer should know about?
Why did the previous owner sell the car to the dealership?Trying to get used car loans is very easy if the candidate is qualified and if he knows what to be aware of. Purchasing a used car is an important decision and possible car owners can use these guidelines to get a used car that is in mint condition.

The First Three Laws of Attraction Marketing

What is attraction marketing and how can it help your business? Attraction marketing is an approach to reaching prospects by attracting them to you and to the products and services that you offer. There are many methods to achieve this, but it requires a certain philosophical approach in order to be authentic and most effective.One of the biggest benefits of attraction marketing is that your perfect clients will self select and be drawn to you. No more chasing leads and trying to sell yourself. Clients will be attracted to you based on your message, the value that you offer, and a built-in trust in your expertise. Attraction marketing can be quite powerful, and can grow your business dramatically.Here are the first three laws of attraction marketing:1. Know Exactly Who You AreYou cannot be everything to everyone, so stop trying. Why are you in business? Are you trying to solve a problem? Why do people do business with you, and if they don’t, why should they do business with you? Who are your competitors, and how are you different? Do you have clients who refer business to you? Have you asked them why they refer business to you?These are all questions that you should be asking, if you are not sure of the unique or extra value that you bring to your clients. This is how you can determine your “extra value proposition”, or your EVP.Many people confuse EVP with branding, but they are very different. EVP is a far more powerful tool in attraction marketing. Let me offer an example:You have a contract that must be signed in order to move forward on a very lucrative project. There are many ways that you can accomplish this. You can save a few dollars and send it by priority mail. You can send it by UPS. But,- when it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight? Saving a few dollars does not enter the equation. It has to be Federal Express. See how the EVP works to help a customer “self select” your services? Yes, Federal Express also has strong branding, consistent logo and colors, but it is the EVP, knowing exactly who they are and what they have to offer, that attracts their perfect customers.On the other hand, “What can Brown do for you?” I’m not sure. I just know that UPS has big brown trucks, but without an EVP, I have no idea what makes them uniquely valuable as a delivery service. See the difference? Once you know exactly who you are, you will begin to attract a client that is more appropriate for your business, and who is willing to pay more for the extra value that you provide.2. Know Exactly Who Your Clients Are Now that you know exactly who you are, you need to know exactly who your clients are. If you are just starting your business, this should be the first step, not the second. Assuming that you have been in business for at least a few years, let’s identify your best clients, and how to attract more of them.In identifying and developing your EVP, you should have talked to a sampling of your clients. Your best clients have told you why they keep coming back and why they refer business to you. Your occasional clients and your former clients, told you why they don’t come around so much, or why they have taken their business elsewhere. This information is invaluable. It can tell you how to improve your products and services for greater appeal, or it can inform you of exactly what kind of client you should be trying to attract more of.Integrating the message of your EVP into all of your marketing and sales processes, will quickly reactivate the clients that should still be using your services. It will also reinvigorate your current clients and generate more referrals. This is the essence of attraction marketing.3. Make Them An Offer They Can’t RefuseSo, now you know exactly who you are, and you know exactly who your ideal clients and prospects are. Having this information should automatically tell you exactly what they need and want. This makes it easy to make them an offer they can’t refuse.Depending on the nature of your business, people use your products or services in order to solve a problem or to enhance their lives in some way. It is always about decreasing pain or increasing pleasure. They come to you because you know how to solve the problem. They either don’t have the knowledge or it is too labor intensive to solve it themselves.The offer they can’t refuse has to be so valuable that it causes your clients to want more of your products and services. It must be so valuable that prospects will want more information about your products and services and will gladly agree to engage with you in order to get that information.Information is a powerful tool for attracting new clients and for reinvigorating current clients. It is especially powerful for reactivating former clients. This can easily be the offer they can’t refuse.This information can be delivered in many ways. You can offer an online mini course delivered by email. You can offer a free report or eBook. You can offer a free webinar training or a weekly teleseminar. We are not talking about junk freebies here. This must be serious education to establish your expertise and to give serious value to your clients and prospects. This offer will build trust and confidence and will result in more business and more longterm relationships with your clients.These are the first three laws of attraction marketing. If you only do these three things, you will see a major shift in your business. You will see a shift in the type of client that you attract. You will see a shift in your lead conversion. And you will see a shift in your profitability.In my next article, I will tell you about 2 more laws of attraction marketing. In the meantime, let me know if this article was helpful. I welcome your feedback.